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Re: oil dielectric

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> Hi Dave,
>     Suppose the coil is running.
>     Suppose the coil arcs over, in an unexpected way.
>     Suppose the arc hits the oil.
>     Suppose (since its an insulator) the oil gets a breakdown
>     UNDER it.  Now the arc is in the oil.
> We're talking about enclosed containers with no air.  There is no way the
> arc will contact the oil.
> You are correct, if the oil is left exposed and there were a conductor just
> below the surface, an arc could form and eventually heat the oil.  There are
> many poor construction techniques a person could use that would allow for
> disaster with Tesla coils.  Your advice to not expose oii to arcing is well
> taken.
> Dave

Excellent point,  air must be present for combustion.
Would it be possible to construct a jacket with 
a dielectric coating, so no possibility of arc?
What about something similar to a large garbage 
can, only thicker? Maybe a double walled garbage can,
the outer layer used for containment, similar to oil rigs.