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RE: kVA Video

Original poster: "Jeff W. Parisse by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jparisse-at-teslacoil-dot-com>

Dave (et. al.),

You may also notice that, in the video, I've included illustrations from
the 1920's depicting utility workers wearing high voltage safety suits
so that no one (living today) can claim that kVA Effects stole their
idea. ;)

We researched the suits that high voltage workers use to repair live HV
live transmission lines. These suits are multi-piece garments (they look
like fireman's suits) and are made of aluminum fabric. They are very
bulky and difficult to put on and wear.

After YEARS of testing various metal fabric, woven wire and stainless
mesh, we decided on an stainless steel mesh that is similar to shark
suit material. The same company that makes shark suits for Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institute made our suit. It has several features that make
it suitable (no pun intended) for our use and cost more than six
thousand dollars (not counting R&D).

In so far as 1MV only jumping 3-4 feet... Hardly! Look at the setup. We
have a HV terminal inside a grounded ring of truss. The truss measures
35 feet in diameter and the arcs come off the center and hit the truss.
When the stunt person (we didn't REALLY use Steve Ballmer the CEO of
Microsoft... just his stunt double) entered the truss ring and held up
his arm, the voltage when to his arm (5') in the form of a 20kVA power
arc that could be seen and FELT buy all 12,000 people packed into the
American Airlines Arena in Miami. When there is no stunt performer in
the truss ring, the arcs are in the 10' to 15' range and very, very
bright Our coils are designed for "power processing" (read: bright arcs)
not high voltage. Long arcs are not very useful to us if the audience
can't see them from the back of a well lit room.

Jeff W. Parisse

Original poster: Dave Larkin

Hi All,

I notice dropping by their website that kVA have a new video out.  The 
'electric undergarment' sequence is particularly spectacular.  I'm sure
details of that one are both very expensive and very secret, but boy
would I 
like to know!  I'd also love to know they managed to _prevent_ 1MV from 
arcing more than 3-4 feet for the lightning man gag ;-)