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Re: paper capacitor question

Original poster: "rheidlebaugh by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <rheidlebaugh-at-zialink-dot-com>

Matt: I'm not giving you a streight answer because I havent tried it. I have
a similar value high discharge caster oil capacitor I have been considering
for a low frequency coil. The only problems I see is the secondary size and
my cap is 100 lbs. No small toy. Your cap may not handle the current so you
still nead some answers before you start. Check the manufacturers specs
before you invest to much time. If it is not designed to handle the current
use it as a filter cap for a DC coil or vacuum tube coil.
     Robert  H

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> Subject: paper capacitor question
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> Hi all. I came across a .1uF 40kv paper capacitor and was wondering how well
> it
> would fair in tesla coil service.
> Thanks 
> Matt Whitman