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Re: Large ferrite cores for SSTC work

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<< Absolutely true, but put simply, who runs their coil out of tune? If
 you wanted an efficient ZVS converter, this would be wonderful. But
 it's not that...it's an SSTC!
 My comments may be discredited by the fact that I have never used an
 output transformer in my SSTC designs. But I know one thing, I had
 enough to worry about without having a transformer to deal with.
 Don't get me wrong, I think magnetics is a great thing. Transformers
 are required in most SMPS's to get the required output voltages and
 currents. You can do a million things with a good output transformer:
 you can make a HV power supply for your spark gap coils (as in
 project THOR = awesome!!!). You can drive an SSTC if you wish. And
 you can isolate everything. So if you think you might head into this
 area, I would definately consider the bulk buy that Steve mentions.
 Take care,
 Justin Hays
 Email: justin-at-hvguy-dot-com
 Website: www.hvguy-dot-com
I do not use a transformer to drive my primary either and I found that if Im 
not in the SWEET SPOT, my system gets HOT QUICK!Its real common to be out of 
tune when experimenting with different combos and such.So a transformer would 
be a good thing.I just dont have the money for one right now and my little 
4in sparks are good enough for most evil genius ideas:-))))

Matt G