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Re: oil dielectric

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<< I use oil in one of my secondaries.  There is absolutely no heating.  Even
if there were, the plastic pipe the coil is wound on is more likely to burn
than the transformer oil. 

I suspect you are correct. I have been meaning to ask,  what to construct the 
main support colum out of. I do have a pourable ceramic material. Also in one 
of Tesla's older designs, and newer ones also, he had a metal core for the 
primary, the secondary was wound on non-conductive material. (in one eariler 
case, a wooden pole was suported by a metal pipe if the diagram is accurate.) 

 The oil actually keeps the coil cool by damping
molecular movement.

I recently read this, interesting how this works. 

I like this coil so much I'm going to wind another one.  This time I'll use
finer wire if I can get some.

Finer wire to produce more turns?


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