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Re: commercial capacitors

Original poster: "Alexander Rice by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <alex-at-rices.myip-dot-org>

14/05/2002 20:00:24, "Tesla list" 
<tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> wrote:

>Original poster: "Mr Gregory Peters by way of 
Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <s371034
>Hello list,
>Firstly, does anyone know if maxwell still 
make HV caps? I can't find
>any info on their page. I'm possibly 
interested in buying a commercial
>cap or two. My new coil would need a huge MMC 
(over 100 GG caps, then
>there's the soldering and stuff. This is a 
last resort.)

100 caps is'nt that many, mine is 250 (not GG) 
for .1u -at- 20kv, the MMC has the huge advantage 
of being 'field replacable' ie - one cap dies, 
it is replaced, costs a few dollars, in a 
commercial cap: cap dies, it is replaced, 
costs a few hundred dollars. Also bearing in 
mind that most commercaial caps are not self 

 I'm also
>wondering how much stray inductance an MMC 
this large would have.

Not enough to matter and probably not more 
than a commercial capacitor. 100 geek group 
caps is about $300, a comercial cap is at 
least $600 as i remember

>would like to compare the cost of an MMC to a 
new commercial unit.


>would like to get a quote from plastic 
capacitors, but I really don't
>know exactly what specs to ask for (the 
question sheet is very daunting
>- RMS current, peak current, voltage 
reversals, frequency, blah blah

RMS current - around 10A
peak current - a lot, maybee 1000's of amps
voltage reversals ? - oh yeah!
frequency - around 200Khz
voltage - lots, at _least_ 2.5x the ac voltage 
of your trannie.

 I have heard that condenser products still 
make Tesla capacitors,
>but they do not sell to the general public. 
Does anyone know a way
>around this?

i think that they do sell to the general 
public so long as you don't say the magic word 

 I would like a 0.15uF cap. Voltage is 
currently 11.5kV RMS,
>but I would like a significant safety margin, 
and will later hopefully
>be using nearly 20kV RMS. 
>On a lighter note, the 10kW coil is 
progressing very well. The primary
>and secondary are completed. The primary is 
15 turns 1/2" Cu pipe.
>Secondary is 1000 turns, 0.95mm wire close 
wound on 12" form. Sync
>rotary gap is to be finished today. Power 
cabinet is finished, with a
>continuous rating of 60 amps. I've started 
collecting HD magnets to
>investigate magnetic gaps.
>Greg Peters
>Department of Earth Sciences,
>University of Queensland, Australia
>Phone: 0402 841 677


Alexander JJ Rice
Rank : G-2 (Wahey!)
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