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Re: Pulse Transformer

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> >>Of course, it's getting towards a pulse transformer, then....
> >    I am not familiar with pulse transformers,
>     A transformer optimized for fast, wideband, operation.
>     (It can be argued that a Tesla transformer IS one,
>     arguably excepting a VTTC.)
> > if you would like to explain it
>     No core, or ferrite core.
>     Relatively small number of turns (for high/broad freq
>     response).
>     Poor efficiency, in power transformer terms.
>     Can be low power, or high power.
>     best
>     dwp

    Thanks for the explaination. If i construct a coil, i would use a lot of
Would VTTC mean varabily timed tesla coil? If this is true, Yes, i think the
the impulses to the coil should be varied, thus createing multiple overlapping
I do not know if i have a clear understanding of the coil, however i think if
the impulses to the coil were altered in frequency several different
oscillations would occur in the coil.