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Re: Photos up of my 80kva 3 phase DC coil

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>> Original poster: "syd by way of Terry Fritz
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>> <mailto:tesla-at-playahearth-dot-com><tesla-at-playahearth-dot-com> Hey All Thought you
>> might like to check out some photos and video of my latest tesla coil
>> sculpture named 'CAUAC'. It debuted for some 50,000 people at the Coachella
>> Music and Arts Festival a couple weeks ago.  It's of a three phase DC design
>> and I had it running at a continuous 80kva during the shows both nights.
>> I'll be adding more technical information to the site soon. 
> <http://www.playahearth-dot-com/sydtesla/coachteslalbum/index.html>http://www.
> playahearth-dot-com/sydtesla/coachteslalbum/index.html Holy smoley.thats
big.. You
> mentioned.. . Fortunately the use of a rectified 3 phase supply offers not
> only the benefit of a balanced load, but also the ability to utilize resonant
> charging of the drive circuit's cap bank. Since the charging is non
> continuous  I dont quite understand how three resonant dc banks can interact
> independently. Is there only one? Wouldnt that mean the combined ripple would
> be 3 *120 or 60 pulses/ second or some some kind of triple to source
> frequency ripple? HDN ===== Tesla Research Group; Pioneering the Applications
> of Interphasal Resonances
> <http://groups.yahoo-dot-com/group/teslafy/>http://groups.yahoo-dot-com/group/tesl
> afy/ ________ 

Hello Harvey

The three phase supply is stepped up by three separate single phase
distribution transformers.
Their HV output is connected in a Star connected full wave three phase bridge
utilizing the 
necessary six diode stacks. Ripple is reduced to about 14% instead of the 100%
seen in a single
phase system. Ripple frequency is 720 hz but that is not significant for my
purposes. The resonant
charging occurs as the result of the interaction of break rate, charging
inductor value, and drive
capacitance. By selecting an appropriate valued reactor you can create a bps
range over which
you have a wonderful control over power throughput.

syd klinge