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Re: Faraday cage

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>

Hi All,

Many many thanks for all the great thoughts about my Faraday cage project!!  

It really helps a lot!

I am working on getting a simple Faraday cage going so I can play again
with my measurement toys.  I was not able to do much for quite some time
since the playroom was in another use.  Now the room is free but computers
and Ethernet have spread in the house...  In the mean time,  I have
collected quite an arsenal of test equipment with vastly greater
capabilities since 1998 :-))))  Now it is time to get it working!!  I note
Paul and others are starting to ask new questions about streamer
measurements and such.

I don't need to get down to -120dB or anything but just sort of protect the
rest of the house from my play :-))  It appears a simple wood framed cage
of chicken wire will do just fine.  I will have to watch the entry and AC
cabling but the grounding is pretty good in the basement 'now' ;-)) 

The question comes up about the "floor" of the cage.  The basement floor is
4" cement on dirt covered by "beautiful" carpeting many have commented on
;o))  Do I need to screen the floor too?  I am a bit concerned about the
cage screening affecting the primary since my coils have primaries that are
very close to the floor.  I can see inducing high currents in chicken wire
and such but I wonder if any really nasty Eithernet eating EMI is going to
get out in the direction of the floor?