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Weird Secondary

Original poster: "harvey norris by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <harvich-at-yahoo-dot-com>

If size is proportional with winding spacing, a
typically sized up large TC secondary can employ
larger gauges of wire, where here I am investigating
280 turns of 14 gauge on 20 inch diameter sonotube.
The fifth root formula gives 222,000 hz for these
parameters  of 1500 ft/9 turns per inch for those in
habit of using those obsure estimations..
During these discussions made long ago, I started to
learn the complications of a secondary resonant
frequency, how it deviates from quarter wavelength

You will find in
every case that the coil resonates at a higher
frequency than the same length length of wire strung
out as a monopole would. Always. 
You cannot assume that electricity is going to travel
the length of the wire in a helical coil as it would
if the wire was strung up as a vertical monopole. It
just doesn't happen. If you can provide a counter
example to destroy the validity of that assertion I
would be happy to hear it. Tesla, for all his genius
was offbeam on a number of things. He often referrred
to the length of wire but never did his calculations
based on this match reality. You can see this in the
Notes. Another fallacy he laboured under for a long
time was the notion that to get a resonator to
resonate at a particular frequency, you had to "cancel
the inductance" by adding a capacitance (the complex
conjugate) of the inductance of the coil.
Unfortunately that notion assumes that the coil has no
self capacitance and when you know that it has, that
phrase reads like nonsense.

Malcolm makes a good commentary there, but when it can
be "PROOVED" that self capacity can be cancelled by
mutual inductance, this is a significant advance over
that preconception, which is also held in common. It
can be demonstrated that a multiturn coil has its q
factor quite reduced by internal capacity as the
frequency is increased which is reasonable. The
converse situation is not so easily demonstratable.

That would mean that a coil limited by its q factor
will conduct more amperage than normally made possible
by the line connections alone, by the additional
influence of mutual inductance from an outside source,
can in fact begin to illustrate the typically
impossible barriers of resonance where a multiturn
coil limited to a q of 8 can be made quite higher in
actual operation. This also implies that a feasible
method exists for overcoming traditional assumptions
that an internal capacity can never be negotiated away
by a cancelling reactance in totality. Those
considerations again seem to only apply to those line
connections alone, without taking into total
consideration of how efficiency can also be made in
the circle by simultaneous phasings for appropriate
Sincerely; Harvey D Norris

Tesla Research Group; Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances