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Re: Photos up of my 80kva 3 phase DC coil

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> Hey All
> Thought you might like to check out some photos and
> video of my latest 
> tesla coil sculpture named 'CAUAC'. It
> debuted for some 50,000 people at the Coachella
> Music and Arts Festival 
> a couple weeks ago.  It's of a three
> phase DC design and I had it running at a continuous
> 80kva during the 
> shows both nights. I'll be adding more technical
> information to the site soon.

Holy smoley.thats big.. You mentioned..
. Fortunately the use of a rectified 3 phase supply
offers not only the benefit of a balanced load, but
also the ability to utilize resonant charging of the
drive circuit's cap bank. Since the charging is non

I dont quite understand how three resonant dc banks
can interact independently. Is there only one? Wouldnt
that mean the combined ripple would be 3 *120 or 60
pulses/ second or some some kind of triple to source
frequency ripple? HDN

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