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Re: Questions on Coil performance

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> to make a safty gap, i read that the spacing needs to be a dimes thickness
> bigger than the sparg gap, (RQ style) do you make it bigger than one of the
> gaps, or all (7 i think it is) together?
> Thanks
> Adam

Hi Adam,
         While it works out to being about that size, the correct (meaning safe
for the transformer) way to do it is to connect just the safety gap to the
transformer and then open the safety gap to just beyond the point were it will
spark, then lock it at this width. When your main gap is properly adjusted, the
safety will in fact be about a dime's width wider. However, just setting it
wider than the main gap PRESUMES that the main gap isn't already set
dangerously wide to begin with. 
Hope this helps,
Matt D.