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Re: First Light

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congratulations on first light.  The toroid is a little large, so you
may need a breakout point.  a piece of aluminum foil taped to
the toroid may do the job, or a metal rod placed over the top of the toroid.

The primary is probably too close to the secondary.  Try raising
the secondary a couple inches or more,  this should stop the
sparks on the secondary winding, and may stop to sparks to
the primary.  You may have to put a piece of plastic between
the primary and secondary.  Precise tuning (tapping) along the
primary can help these problems also.  The breakout point may
help also.


> 1) Is there any way to get more consistent arcs instead of shorter streamers
> flying around everywhere?
> 2) I figured that by grounding my secondary, I could eliminate the arcing
> problem to the primary... I still get some arcing that I'd like to fix.  Any
> ideas?
> 3) I'm getting a lot of inter-secondary arcing... how can I correct this?