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RE: BIGPIG goes to school

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jim-at-jlproduction-dot-com>

Hey Jeff,
How about a hint??
Not that I will ever get the chance but I am the curious type :)

Jim Layton

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Subject: BIGPIG goes to school

Original poster: "BunnyKiller by way of Terry Fritz
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>If anyone on this list gets approached to do a stunt for TV, call me
>and I'll tell you what the pros charge so you can negotiate from a
>position of knowledge. What Tesla coilers do is VERY special, don't
>give it away for free (or cheap). Use the income to buy a bigger
>Jeff Parisse

Hi All....

I just got finished unloading my equipment from off the truck a couple 
of hours ago after doing a presentation for a local High School ( John 
Curtis High in the New Orleans area). The event went fairly well , 
nothing blew up, fried, or got out of control, altho I must admit the 
only thing that went "wrong" was my ability to conduct a speech in a 
coherent manner. ( really rusty in public speaking).

But the good news is that I captured the attention of  200+  High 
schoool students and peaked the interest of about 20% of them towards 
the intentions of learning more about T- Coiling.  and I did this for no

charge to the school ( altho it cost me nearly 100$ for the truck rental

and an offering to a good friend for helping me out with loading / 
unloading the equipment.)

Seeing a T- Coil run on TV is cool , BUT seeing one run up close and in 
person has got to be the best thing going. ( I still get excited when I 
run my coil (( its just too cool :)  ))

Dunno ...  something about being able to show items such as lasers and 
T-Coils to groups of people and seeing them become interested in them 
.....   I guess its the "teacher" in me ( altho Im not a teacher by 

I will post video and stills of the event as soon as I can get them from

my friend ( he has the cameras)

Scot D

aka  BunnyKiller