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RE: Miss Electra on Ripley's

Original poster: "Jeff W. Parisse by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jparisse-at-teslacoil-dot-com>

> Remember, don't try this at home Brent and Danielle are highly
paid...er I 
> mean trained professionals.
> Mark Stolz

Mark, I know you're just kidding but TV doesn't have much money.
The reason that kVA Effects didn't do this gig (as originally planned)
was because they couldn't afford us (and we were offering a half
price deal to be kind to Danielle). That's one reason that you only
see non-professionals (and semi-pros like Danielle) on the tube:
because they do the act for practically free.

Why Ripley's felt compelled to computer generate extra bolts and
then claim that "what you are seeing is real" is beyond me. They
could have spent the budget on filming the Tesla effects in a way
that could be seen on TV.

IMO, Ripley's HAD the money, they just knew they could bully the
participant (Danielle) into doing it for less that what she deserved.
Shows like this KNOW people in the US are DYING to get on TV. They
use their position to negotiate downward (some do the show for free
just to get on the tube). They actually said to me that "blank"
would do if for $500! I said great, go get "blank". It, of course,
was a bluff... they still got Danielle.

If anyone on this list gets approached to do a stunt for TV, call me
and I'll tell you what the pros charge so you can negotiate from a
position of knowledge. What Tesla coilers do is VERY special, don't
give it away for free (or cheap). Use the income to buy a bigger

Jeff Parisse