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Re: magnetically quenched gaps

Original poster: "Ian Smith by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <tesla-at-ian-dot-org>

On Tue, 7 May 2002, Tesla list wrote:
> Hi, you can find potent rare earth magnets in hard drives. i just took a
> commercial hard drive apart and there were 4 awesome strong magnets and
> quite large. I had to use a pry bar to get them apart. be careful!! one of
> my friends put one on a finger jokingly and then started to scream it took 4
> rescue workers to remove the magnet(he was in dyer agony for 7 minutes!)the
> finger is ok but the shape will never be the same. cul brian f.

I have to second the being careful bit.  If you find an older full-height
5 1/4 hard drive, those magnets can do serious harm.  Use gloves, or you
will loose some skin, and the bigger magnets can break bones!

Check out this one...


I have several of these magnets, and they are simply the most
powerful magnets I have EVER come across.  I never hurt myself
with them from years of practice playing with big drive magnets.
If two get stuck together, you can't pull them apart with your
bare hands.  I built a special device just to separate them.

Let me repeat, if you get some of these for any of your Tesla
work, treat them like a live power supply.  ALWAYS be aware
of where they and any metal is.  They *will* jump several FEET
through the air to get you, and can very easily take off a finger.
I can not state too strongly just how powerfull these guys
are.  They will discolor a TV from six feet or more, and
will maim you if you don't take precautions.

But if you need powerful magnets for something, these can't
be beat.

That site also offers many other magnets, so if you don't need
them that strong, absolutely go for a less dangerous one.