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Re: Capacitor network

Original poster: "D.Wightman by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <dwightman-at-mmcable-dot-com>

> >Ok, having given up on (for the moment, my home built cap., I'm now
> >searching for a bunch of caps.  Does anyone have a sugestion for a good
> >place to find a lot of caps cheap, or a few HV caps cheap?  As this is a
> >modification of an existing design, I'm shooting for about .03uf in the
> >capacitors, as this was the aprox. capacitance of the home built cap.
> >using a 15000v neon transformer, so 20000v is nore on target.  Also, will
> >need any current limiting on the transformer?  THanks for any help...
> >
> >Calvin Patrick
> >
> >
> >
> >
Hello Calvin. I have over 17,000 capacitors. All are good for mmc's.
Here is A good example of what a nst would need for a mmc.
There is 63 of the MKP'S here.  Self-healing pulse duty construction with
low ESR.  Extremely low dissipation factor (tan delta).  For all pulse duty
applications even with high high frequencies. They are 400 volt at 0.47 uf.
That gives you a mmc rated at 25,200 volts and 0.007463 uf.
If you connect them all in series.
We purchased a truck full of misc pulse duty caps good for mmc building.
Lots of 1kv to 5 kv mica caps, and orange drop caps.
We have 5000 KNB1530,caps MKP type 275 VAC, 0.22uf. You could make a large
mmc with these.
Construction: polypropylene film, metallized
Rated voltage: 275 V A.C, 300 V A.C.
Capacitance tolerance: 20% for C  0.1 mF and
10% for C > 0.1 mF
Climatic category: 40/100/56
according to IEC publ. 60068-1
Passive flammability: according to EN 132 400
Temperature range: -40
C to +100
Test voltage: 2635 V D.C., 1 s
KNB1530 KNB1532, 1533
Max. pulse rise time du/dt, at
390 V D.C.for 275 V A.C
and 425 V D.C for 300 V A.C: 900V/ms for PCM=10mm
400V/ms for PCM=15mm
200V/ms for PCM=22.5mm
160V/ms for PCM=27.5mm
100V/ms for PCM=37.5mm
Insulation resistance at 20 0 C,
Um = 100 V D.C., t =1 min: Ri  15000 MW for C  0.33 mF
Ri x Cn  5000 s for C > 0.33 mF
Dielectric loss tand at f = 1 kHz
and 20 0 C:  5 x 10
Soldering: IEC publ. 60068-2-20, max 2 s
Soldering time on printed circuit: max. 5 s at 270
Self inductance: approx. 10 nH/cm of capacitor length
and terminals
Complies to: IEC publ. 60384-14; EN 132 400,
UL 1283, UL1414, CSA C22.2 No.1,
GB/T 14472 - 1998
Marking KNB1530 for C = 0,01mF to 1mF:
Capacitance Tolerance
_ _ _ mF  _ _ _ %
EN 132 400 Date code
Marking KNB1530 for C > 1mF to 2,2mF:
Capacitance Tolerance
_ _ _ mF  _ _ _ %
275VAC 40/100/56/B
EN 132 400 Date code