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24" Spun Toroid F/S

Original poster: "Jeff W. Parisse by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jparisse-at-teslacoil-dot-com>

I have an extra 24"x12"x6" spun aluminum toroid left over from last year that
I'd like to sell. It's one year old, never been used or unwrapped and heavier
than a normal toroid (we have them build that way for our rental equipment). It
seems that we'll never build anything this small so it just sits in my garage.
The original invoice price was $339 U.S. but I'll entertain any reasonable
offer. Please contact me off list at
<mailto:jparisse-at-teslacoil-dot-com>jparisse-at-teslacoil-dot-com if interested.
Jeff Parisse