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Re: 180KVDC

Original poster: "Kevin Ottalini by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <ottalini-at-mindspring-dot-com>

        Alltronics had a pair of these just before he closed his retail shop
here in San Jose.
They are Cockroft-Walton Multipliers (diodes and capacitors).  These appear to
be either
4-stage full-wave or 8-stage half-wave multipliers (my best guess) so the input
is 22.5KV
AC 20kHz minimum, output 180KVDC.  There may be a 180kv 500pf cap there for
filtering (looked like it anyway).
The cylinder doesn't appear to be part of the original equipment.
It was my guess that these units were designed to be a lab supply or perhaps
part of a
small  semiconductor ion-implantation system or perhaps for a paper felting
(I know, weird but true).
Alltronics actually had the inverters as well (broken), but all the pieces sold
very quickly.
They were pretty small so the total power was probably only a few hundred
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> Hi All
> What is this odd device and how would one supply input power? Ebay item 
> number 1728709815.
> Godfrey Loudner