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Re: magnetically quenched gaps

Original poster: "Matthew Smith by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <matt-at-kbc-dot-net.au>

>>Greg: I am starting to build a Magnrtic gap. I have obtained some ring
>>magnets off of old speakers. They are heat glueds to the steel frame and
>>come off with heat. The largest I have found is 100 cm OD which I will try
>>first. I have a max power source of 30 amps also so I dont like the vacuum
>>cleaner motor idea. No tests yet.
>>    Robert  H

If permanent ring magnets are any good, don't forget that every 
microwave oven has a pair of them on the magnetron.  Thirty seconds with 
an angle grinder is all it takes...

These are pretty powerful magnets made of some sort of ferrite (?) - 
they sure as heck make good fridge magents ;-)



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