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Saltwater Caps, was Geek Group Cap mod

Original poster: "Christopher Boden by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <chrisboden-at-hotmail-dot-com>

>Hi Chris,

Hey Boss :)

>Nice to know you are still reading the mail :o))  I thought to myself,
>Hmmmmm... I wonder if Chris is awake :o))))  I got a kick out of it ;-))

Being subscribed to both Tesla lists, Geeklist, and half a dozen other lists 
I don't read each post as I have for several years, but I catch the majority 
of them, and EVERYTHING with Geek in the subject :) (hint for those that 
want to put something to my attention on the Tesla list).

With the shopping for the new lab (we're seriously looking at a 60,000 SqFt 
facility in Kalamazoo here) I'm busier than ever, but I'm always reachable 
by email.

>I set up a little test tonight to hopefully salvage our reputation a bit 

lol, cool

>I was "thoughtfully" holding a Miller Draft long neck as I read your post.
>It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!!  I "cleaned" the bottle out
>and made a quick little capacitor out of it:

Oh that's cute, lol I love the containment vessel.

>I then set up the Bertan lab X-ray power supply to put it to the test:

Two things come immediately to mind.......

1. Regarding that carpet....did you loose a bet? It's kinda like 
Kalideoscopic Lavage ;)

2. What's that cooking in the background? A wound bucket? Hmmmmmm compact 
coil...wind the secondary AROUND the capacitor....

3. Where do you GET these wonderful toys? All the lab gear we have and we 
don't have one of those voltage testers, that's really nice :)

>There you go.  At the 50kV limit of the supply, the bottle held "just
>fine".  I suspect most of the 67uA of leakage current was from corona of
>the wiring which was "sizzling" with electricity.
>After awhile it started to get a nice blue corona band to the ground foil.
>It was about 5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide and bright blue.  It was
>really cool!!  Then POWWW!!!  The two terminals arced over.  It was
>interesting that it did not track on the bottle but choose an air path
>about 1 inch away from the bottle neck.  It seems very high voltages just
>go where they want and tend to ignor the surface tracking thing.  I did not
>use oil as your bucket cap does to prevent this.  If I had, the arc over in
>air problem would have been eliminated.  I almost wonder if the oil is
>needed for normal TC use?  But I am reminded of things like:
>So a Miller Genuine Draft long neck holds 50kV seemingly without a problem.
>  Remember that beer bottles are very high tech and the process of making
>them is very highly controlled so quality is very high.  Even though the
>glass seems thin, it's the best glass available and it is molded to very
>high standards.

How's this for an idea :)

Get a 6-pack of Corona.
Process it in any matter you see fit, then clean the bottle.

Fill it to the base of the neck and put it in a SW bath to the same level. 
Fill the bottle to the top with oil, and put a 1" layer on the bath.

Then arc-test it :)

Do this to all 6 bottles, recording the results.

Get me the info, and I'll rewrite the entire page on Geek Group SW caps, 
including the updated info and better instructions. :) It'll go on the 
website for peer review, then once checked will be put into the manuscript 
for the Book.

>	Terry
>	G3 #1043

About time you put that there :) (to show how long he's been a member, our 
numbering system starts at 1000 for Members, 100 for Staff,and 1 for Board). 
We have plenty of numbers left, in case anyone would like to become a member 

Thank you Terry for your scientific approach to a 100 year old problem :)

I wonder where I could find pics of Tesla's SW caps?

Christopher "Duck" Boden Geek#1
President / C.E.O. / Alpha Geek
The Geek Group
Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!

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