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TCBA: was: Keeping up with the theory (was is Corum and Corumforbidden

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<< To Ed, Bert, John, and all.
 I've been following this thread ever since the first post RE: Corum's
 articles.  I wanted to "chime in" on giving my fair due of allocades
 to Harry Goldman.  I am glad to read that so many others on this
 list have given their personal testimonials to a great man: Harry S.
 Goldman, the Father of TCBA.   >>

Hey all, 

I would like to add to this praise for Mr. Harry Goldman. I didn't join
the TCBA until 1994, I believe, and I still have every one of the news
letters in a three-ring binder. Thanks to the info afforded me through 
Harry's labor of love, I was able to start building "working" Tesla coils.
I've had considerable interest in coiling since the mid-80s, but it was
the TCBA newsletter that got me going the right direction. It was my
only link to the coiling world until I discovered this Pupman list in 2000.
I really do miss the TCBA now that Harry no longer prints it. As some-
one already mentioned, I'm sure that Mr. Goldman would be more than
happy to pass the torch on to someone else that showed an interest 
in continuing a publication on coiling. 

David Rieben