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RE: Keeping up with the theory (was is Corum andCorumforbidden topic?)

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I have had a few TCBA members contact me on my small forum and express
great sadness in its loss. I'm sure many will/did end up here and maybe
one or two over at my place too :)
It IS nice to be part of such a unspoken of and mysterious group as we.
Perhaps one day a giant Teslathon of coilers worldwide could happen. In
the interim we will have lists and forums to bind us.

Jim Layton

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Tesla list wrote:
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> John Freau wrote:
> > He intended the TCBA to be a forum where coilers could meet
> > each other, share ideas, see examples of other's coils, serve
> > as a tutorial, etc.
> Doesn't that sound a lot like what we want?  Why did he
> wind the thing up rather than pass it on to some acolyte?
> Was circulation falling?  Was he having trouble competing with
> the Internet?  And what of the TCB Association itself - is that
> defunct now too?

	As I said before, he did that as a labor of love and finally
just plain
got tired of the work.  I've been involved with several similar
publications which kinda petered out after around 20 years, due to
invincible fatigue on the part of the editors (it just gets old after a
while and you want your time for something else) and failure of anyone
else to help out or take over.  Lots of opportunity for someone to take
over TCBA News, as I'm sure Harry would be happy to pass along his files
and mailing list to anyone who volunteered.