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Re: Keeping up with the theory (was is Corum andCorumforbidden topic?)

Original poster: "Bert Hickman by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <bert.hickman-at-aquila-dot-net>

Paul and all,

I want to strongly second John's comments regarding the Harry Goldman
and the TCBA. The TCBA Newsletter covered the rich history of coiling as
well as currently known theory. He also found some of the most
interesting old pictures and articles, and shared them with us
youngsters and us "newbies" (I was a late joiner, in 1996). Although he
would often publish interesting old articles and "fringe" ads as
entertainment, there was nothing pseudoscientific about the publication,
and some of the world's best known private and commercial coilers often
published articles there. 

Harry formally retired the publication last year after 20 years of
publication. I've acquired the complete set of issues - they are a truly
a treasure. Even with the Internet providing such excellent
communication forum between coilers, I still miss getting Harry's
quarterly newsletter! Harry has indicated that he might compile the
series in a single publication or CD if he has the time.

A group of fellow coilers and grateful friends formally thanked Harry
for his contributions at a Teslathon last August. A picture of Harry and
a small tribute to him can be seen at:

Best regards,

-- Bert --
Bert Hickman
Stoneridge Engineering
Coins Shrunk Electromagnetically!

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> Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>"
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> > Anyway, I'd like to know more about the TCBA.  If it really was
> > a 'noble endeavour' as Ed put it, then I shouldn't be bashing it
> > because of a few failings.  Perhaps instead we should be looking for
> > some continuity.
> Paul,
> As a high school science teacher, Harry Goldman had been
> interested in Tesla coils and other HV apparatus for many years.
> I think the idea of a TC Newletter had been in his mind for many
> years before he created the TCBA.  He intended the TCBA to
> be a forum where coilers could meet each other, share ideas,
> see examples of other's coils, serve as a tutorial, etc.  In the
> first 6 issues or so, Harry provided the basics of coil theory,
> and other articles by DC Cox, etc appeared.  I think that not
> enough folks sent in good theory/experiment articles to keep
> things moving in that direction.  I suspect that very few folks
> in the organization were doing any TC research.  Before the
> advent of the internet, TCBA was the only TC forum that I know
> of, so it was indispensable to many of the members.  It was
> through the TCBA that I met many coiler friends, and heard
> about the TCBOR, and other TC groups, etc.
> When I first heard about the TCBA around 1984, I was was
> overjoyed.  I was amazed that a newletter just for coiling existed.
> I and a great many other coilers owe a great debt of gratitude
> to Harry's TCBA efforts.
> Cheers,
> John