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RE: [Tesla-2] In an attempt to define the state of the art.

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jim-at-jlproduction-dot-com>

It looks GREAT!!
You should name it "Big Blue" :)


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Dear friends!
This is a link to a picture of the bottom 3 inches of the secondary
former for the coil that I am making for the Danish Electricity Museum.
Turned, and threaded, out of welded polyethylene tubing and flat stock,
I thought it would add a nice touch to use so many screws that only
military, aerospace or aircraft building would otherwise be able to
afford such details. 
But since it is a tesla coil, sheer folly, nothing is good enough!


I will bring a few more messages with links, as the building of the coil
progresses, unless the listmembers suggest that I stop doing so.

There is also a link to the coilform with  toroid, that is your toroid,
Dan Cline!


Cheers, Finn Hammer