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Re: GFI on the NST--a bummer

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>

Hi Ralph,

The age of GFI arrives :-))  I feel so safe now!! :oD

Of course, we discussed this two years ago when the new rules came into effect.

The bad side is that we have some goofy new thing to worry with...

The good side is that a lot of practically new and perfectly good NSTs are
being scraped (as predicted :-))))) do to problems with the GFI stuff.
Weee!!  New NSTs for free!!...  Or $20 for those that have to have the
latest and greatest technology :o))

I think you are the first person to get hold of one!!  What is cool is that
we have far more engineering knowledge and tools are standing ready to
"fix" the GFI thing than the designers had designing it :-))  In the spirit
of cable TV descramblers, copyright protection software, and breaking
Windows  IIS5.0...  Let us begin by counting the ways we can defeat it :-)))

Step one is to "try it".  The GFI may not mind running a Tesla coil!!  -
but that would be too easy :-))

Step two is to find who made the NST and get on their web site and study
how it works.  Some GFI units can be put into the "bypass" mode for like an
hour by pushing the switch.  That may solve the problem right there!!
However, I think the NSTs with this nice feature are the ones they are
replacing the first batch with :-))


France has a big "faq" about how to get these #$!%$%!^ things working in a
neon sign :o))))  Only 36 faqs, so far :o))))

Step three is to get hold of that circuit!!  We can then reverse engineer
it to the schematic level and parts list and design simple ways to trick or
disable it.  I wonder if 500,000 volts into the electronics would do that :o)))

They seem to come down to a simple relay that needs to be "forced" on....

The fun is only beginner here!!  Look for un-used "obsolete" versions by
the pallet load!!!



At 10:53 PM 5/3/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I just glommed on to two 12/60 France NSTs at our
>friendly neon sign shoppe. I paid only 20 bucks each.
>But the bad news is they both have a GFI button
>sticking out of the case. Can I put a clamp over that
>GFI button to hold it in, or is the only solution to 
>melt out the potting and disconnect the GFI? 
>More bad news is the guy at the neon shop said ALL 
>new NSTs must now be provided with the integral GFI. 
>Happy day,
>Ralph Zekelman