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Re: Safety Gap scare

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <network-at-neXband-dot-com>

Hello Vince, everyone,
   I also had a scare with a gap I just built yesterday.  Just for a test 
I fired up the rotary spark gap at 10k rpms with a 6" lexan wheel.  I only 
had this thing propped up loosely.  About the time I reached to shut it 
down, the whole thing fell over and the wheel hit some junk on the 
workbench.  POW!!  Nothing but lexan shrapnel flying everywhere.  One 
piece glanced my finger and out came the blood!  I have a new respect for 
such a thing.  I'm going to build a new one and have it enclosed for 
protection.  I think that if my finger would have been another inch over, 
it might be M.I.A. right now.  I learned my lesson and I hope others will 
think about this before it happens to them.

      Gregg Adams

You wrote:  

>Original poster: "Vince D'Amore by way of Terry Fritz " 
>Hello People,
>  I was running my coil tonight and about 30 seconds in my safety gaps 
>started to fire like crazy.
>Being a new coiler this was the first time I had experienced this. Along 
>with the gaps firing
>I heard a slight sizzling sound coming from what I thought was either the 
>cap or my dual nst power supply. On investigation I noticed that what had 
>happened is somehow something got
>out of adjustment with my safety gaps and they were firing against the 
>of the nst and the
>sizzling was the paint burning away from the casing.
>  After readjusting the gaps all was well once again.