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Geek Group Cap mod

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jim-at-jlproduction-dot-com>

Hi all,
I just finished my GG SW  bucket cap and wanted to let you know
something I learned.
The page says 12 Corona bottles will "just fit". Well with 13 in mine
they still rattled around but 14 would not fit. I got the bright idea to
put the 13 in place and immerse the bucket in our jet wash at work. The
220 degree solution softened the bucket enough so bottle #14 just wedged
in place. When it cooled the bottles are so secure that when tipped
upside down they do not fall out.
Here are some images


If you look close you can see the bottom of the bucket is slightly
bulged where they are squashed in but I think it will be alright. Some
quick and possibly errant math got me this value. The GG page says it is
rated at. 0125 MFD -at- 80KV. I divided these numbers by the 12 bottles
they had and got-
.00104 MFD for EACH bottle and 6,666 volts EACH. I then multiplied these
numbers by my 14 bottles and got-
.01456 MFD and 93,324 volts.
This is not the required MFD rating needed for my 2 NST's but itís a lot
closer than I was, and with my commercial cap added will be PERFECT for
my third NST which is in the mail!!

As always any and all comments or suggestions welcome.
Jim Layton