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My reworked coil site w/some updated pics and info

Original poster: "John Morawa by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <morawaj-at-attbi-dot-com>

Hello fellow coilers!


I have not posted any messages to the TC list lately.  I ve been distracted
with too many things.  One of which is my new TC website I ve been working on. 
I recently joined the 21st century and have a nice digital camera and also high
speed internet access.  Along with the internet access was space to put up a
website that I could make the way I wanted it with no banners and heavy
restrictions like at my prior site on MSN.  I also tried to redesign so that it
would load quicker.  So after a few weeks of playing around and retaking some
of the original pictures I have finally finished (yeah right) my new site.  I
have added some things such as a specs at a glance page and a files and links
page that I am sure many will find useful.  Of course I have some nicer pics as
well.  I still have to work on new pics of my coil in operation though.  They
will come sooner or later.


For those of you that may have my old site bookmarked: 



Please make appropriate changes to point to my new site since I shall be
removing the old site at some point in time.



I hope you all enjoy the new look.  J


Happy coiling,

John M.   AKA The Weasel 


P.S.  If you find any typos or something looks incorrect please let me know.  I
HATE typos!