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Re: Keeping up with the theory (was is Corum and Corum forbiddentopic?)

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> . Those
> > > that existed in the past encouraged pseudoscience, eg ITS, TCBA.
> > > Where is the ARRL or RSGB of coiling?
>     I never thought that Harry advocated pseudoscience, or that he believed
> in it.  I think the TCBA News was a "noble endeavor" and was sorry to
> see it go.  He did publish some far out stuff, but never got the idea it
> was for anything more than amusement.
> Ed

Ed, All,

I missed that comment before about pseudoscience in
reference to TCBA.  I agree with Ed, that Harry Goldman 
doesn't believe in, and didn't advocate pseudoscience in
the TCBA newsletter.  The ITS was of course a wacko
organization which got even worse with time and eventually