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Re: muffin fan and Richard quick cap

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> > Ed,
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> > I've used one with almost 4kVA with no melting problems.  I use a microwave
> > oven fan for the quenching and it keeps things cool enough.  I will post
> > some pictures in the next day or two.
> >
> > Mark Stolz
> > Houston, TX
>         I'll be interested in that, as will others too.  To me it always
> too good to be true but a lot of guys here appear to have refuted my
> belief.

I use a carbide static "RQ" gap on the pt driven 3k coil system with no
problems. I use carbide inserts with 11 electrodes giving a max of 10
gaps, each carbide insert is spaced from the PVC with steel washers. I
only need 7 of the gaps to quench the 21kv-at-120ma for a max to date
discharge of 10'. 
 Using the 3kva driving circuit with a .052uf cap, this system works
best with a static gap, better then a sync. rotary or a sync. triggered
gap. I think this is due to the higher breakrates that the static
 I would suggest that all new systems be "first lighted" with a broad
range static gap, this allows a real fine tuning of the bang energy.
 there is no reason why a static gap built with carbide electrodes and
very many gaps available, could not quench "ANY" power levels, It's all
in the designing. More gaps - more airflow - non melting electrodes,
pull the heat away from the mounting points, blow the plasma out of the
gap, spread the arc over many gaps and it can't loose.
 Pvc does begin to yellow after some time and eventually i think this
will lead to arcover, but i have yet to see it happen?
just thought i would give my input?
Take care,
Marc M.

> Ed