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Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <Mddeming-at-aol-dot-com>

Hi All! 
    This email is a repeat. Original seems to have gone to a "higher 
resonance" or dropped into the bit bucket.     
    This is pic of our 4.28" Coil "Blitzenwerfer#1" . 

(big GIF of fuzzy pic). 

The lab will be down for 2-3 weeks while a new roof and added storage space 
are put on, so I snapped a pic before dismantling coil for storage. Some 
people were doubting we even had one, so here it is. Everything is fairly 
conventional. Power is 15/60 unmodified NST. Secondary is 4.28"  820T #23 
AWG. Cap is 18.18 nF rolled poly & foil in canister, bought off the list. 
Base bottom is 5/8 particle board on 2" casters with 1/4" acrylic sheet glued 
on top. All supports are PVC including secondary form and primary radial 
supports. Base top on which secondary sits is 0.25" acrylic, doughnut on 
which primary rides is 0.25" Lexan. Smaller toroid is  3.5" water heater vent 
elbows and larger one is 4.25" Dryer duct. The black square in front of the 
NST filter is a #10 faceplate from a welder's mask to cut down on UV 
eye-frying. Better PICS to come as our official photographer recovers from 
her hip replacement. 

Matt D. Ricky D. Matt D. Elton D.