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RE: Depotting a resin-filled tranny

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I had some success soaking an epoxy potted neon xfmr in dichloromethane
(methylene chloride).  The epoxy goes soft and can be scraped off exposing
un-softened epoxy to the liquid.  I did damage the secondaries by being too
eager.  The insulation on the windings did not appear to be damaged by the
dichloromethane.  Dichloromethane is a chemical that you need to be very
careful with.


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Subject: Depotting a resin-filled tranny

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Hi All!

  I got an interesting delimma.  I have a 15/30 and a 12/30 that I want to
depot.  The 15/30 is a tar-potted jobber, the 12/30 is a resin-epoxy filled
block. The 15/30 is no problem, a few days in the freezer, short the leads