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Powering Perfect Resonance

Original poster: "Matt Segal by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <segal3-at-linkline-dot-com>

Ok, I understand that resonance is (definition) that condition of a circuit
with respect to a given frequency or the like in which the net reactance is
zero and the current flow a maximum, and the increase in amplitude of an
oscillation of an electric or mechanical system exposed to a periodic force
whose frequency is equal or very close to the natural undamped frequency of the
I also understand that without protection circuits (such as safety gaps, and
fuses), the tank capacitor and charging source (such as an NST, or the like)
can be destroyed because of "runaway resonance", in which the voltage output of
the charging source shoots upwards because of the "increase in amplitude of an
oscillation" described by the definition.
What I have wondered, is if there is any way to power a tesla coil circuit that
is running at perfect resonance (given that you can tune the tesla coil to such
a degree that it ACHIEVES perfect resonance), without destroying the charging
source or the capacitors or any other part of the coil? Could this have been
what Nicola Tesla was trying to achieve with his amazingly large Tesla coil?
Could he have perhaps thought that with a tesla coil running resonant, that the
energy transmission have been huge in power? I do not mean to spark a thread on
the "falsehoods" of wireless energy transmission, simply is it possible that
this resonant circuit been what Tesla knew about and tried to accomplish? Are
there any ways to power it nowadays? Think about it...
~Matt Segal
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