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The 4th UK Teslathon

Original poster: "michael.tucknott by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <michael.tucknott-at-virgin-dot-net>

Hi All
On saturday just gone Alan sharp put no the 4th UK Teslathon in Corby. I
would like to take
this opportunity to thank Alan and his wife for all there efforts in
putting on this event and for the
meal Alan's wife laid on for us on Friday night, many thanks.

This years Teslathon saw at least  40 to 50 people attend during the
day, with 13 coils running
on and off all day. Our coil, the BM3 built by myself & Brian le page
and run with the help of
Steve Bell performed with out problem all day (although we did toast our
20A variac) but not
a problem as the variac is only needed for tuning.

Without question the coil and operator that deserves greatest praise is
the young Henry Hallem,
His 3" coil powered by a MOT and with an MMC built in to a shoe box with
the help of some
LEGO bricks ran all day long, The sight of a small teddy bear siting on
the toroid with arcs being
pulled through it head was a sight to behold. At one stage Henry tried
one of our Non sync RSG`s
to see if he could increase the performance, the coil produced 10" arcs
but was very erratic.

I think that in years to come we'll all see a lot more from this young
man........ Well  done Henry.

Throughout the day as well as the Tesla coils running we also saw Mini
magnifiers, Baby Marx
generators, small plasma arcs, Wimshurst machines, and the big Van de
Graaff  generator of
Tim Davy (although I was hiding out back when he was looking for a
victim to hold the top load).

We hope to have some pictures up soon on Steve Bells web site. We'll
keep you posted soon...

So from
Mike Tucknott, Brian le Page & Steve Bell (AKA High tension effects)
Many many thanks.