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Re: Doubling transformer

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You can use the same type doubler circuit found in the microwave oven. It is 
pretty simple and you only need two microaves for the parts. Look at Greg's 
site http://www.hot-streamer-dot-com/greg . There is some good info on MOT's. 


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> Hi, I am in tending to use two MOT's (Microwave Oven transformers) at 
> 2000W, to 
> power my coil, the output of each is about 2kV at 1A (1000uA). I am putting 
> them in series so I get a total output of 4kV at 1A. This is quite a low 
> voltage for a coil so i want too make a doubling transformer to get 8kV at 
> 500uA. Could you tell me if a single core transformer, or a toroidial 
> transformer will be best, and what rating wire I should use. 
> Thanx 
> Mike F