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Re: Corby

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Wow! sounds like a nice show. so much to take in. Maybe we can have
something in this part of the usa(new england) sometime. cul brian
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> Hi All!
> My word, what a day we've had!  Thanks to Alan Sharp for being mine
> host at St. Ninian's church hall, what a gathering!  If there's any
> more coils / people next year, either we move out into the car park
> and do everything at night or the hall needs an extension ;-)
> Aside from some great coils, we had a neat Van de Graaf and Mike
> Harrison brought a mini-Marx bank which was cute.  Colin Dancer had a
> 500VA SRSG coil with one of the US bulk buy Landgren toroids and this
> piece of metalwork really looked the business - the output was also
> impressive for a mere half k (SI unit, one f.a.r.t.power).  Mike
> Tucknott and Brian le Page had their counterpart to Alan's Bride of
> Frankenstein going.  Alan's solid state coil did some excellent
> impersonations of a flame, at high "break" rate the sparks turned
> yellow for some strange reason, very flame-like and most impressive.
> Best of all, you could almost play tunes on it.  Next year I
> understand it will be programmed to play "Nearer my God to Thee" . . .
> The film in my camera was too slow to be any good, but there were lots
> of neat digital cameras in evidence and I do hope someone will post
> some pictures of the exhibits, it was well worth it (and I had to
> leave early so probably missed the big twins getting going.)  Also a
> lot of list members were there - aside from those already mentioned,
> Ritchie Burnett, Chuck Hobson, Jason Petrou, Henry Hallam, Bob Golding
> (sorry I missed picking up the duct!) Nick Field plus others -
> including Aleks from the Geek Group.  I've missed out probably thirty+
> people and half a dozen coils, but the old grey matter is agog with
> what it has been treated to today :-)))))
> I have to take my hat off to Henry, our youngest coiler by far.  To
> see his reworking of the term "breadboard construction" doing the
> business (despite some very suspicious smells of toasted insulation -
> or maybe it was the bread on the breadboard - or was that the
> insulation? - and a stupendous plasma several inches long squirting
> out of his triggered, blown and magnetically-quenched gap!) and by
> early afternoon spitting out some most impressive sparks - well, it
> didn't look as if it ought to, but it did, and it kept doing it too
> and without having to be poked every few seconds, which is more than
> the micro-magnifier managed.  The micro-magnifier succeeded in
> demonstrating that it's often the really small coils which can be oh
> so picky, in this case in the earthing department.  The induction coil
> powering it added it's own irritating tendencies to the recipe, though
> it eventually coughed up some 1,5-2" sparks, thanks to a jump lead to
> a radiator, but not without a lot of poking.  The Q&D VTTC was happily
> a lot less temperamental, and sat there for a long time just doing its
> thing and not making any fuss or noise about it :-)
> Great day, great exhibits and a lot of good-to-meet people!  We had
> visitors from as far afield as France!  The few photos I have of the
> micro-magnifier will appear probably in a week or so and I will post
> details as and when.
> Dunckx
> Geek#1113 G-1