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Re: NST phasing questions

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> > Howdy All, 
> I don't know about voltage diffs, but I did get a 15/30 and 15/60 phased 
> properly.  One odd thing though was that I couldn't get them to phase if 
> I hooked the primaries in series (as has been suggested on somebodies 
> Tesla coil page) - *neither* side of either secondary was nearly in 
> phase with *either* side of the other secondary.  But with primaries in 
> parallel, it worked fine. 

Hi Jonathan, All! 
Primaries can be hooked in series ONLY if the two NST's are electrically 
identical (i.e. exactly the same Z(in)). Otherwise, the one with the higher 
Z(in) will get more than 1/2 the input voltage across it and therefore the 
output voltages will be very different. 

Matt D.