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Re: MOT, and doubler

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My house has 20amp fuses. It is an old house. I was trying it with a jacob's 
ladder, not enough voltage though. I was using a coathanger on the end of a 
pvc rod to start the arc a little higher up on the ladder. The MOT gets warm 
to hot after a minute, but seems ok. Unfortunatly after I finished playing 
around and turned off the power off, I picked the rod up by the coathanger, 
ouch. It was just this morning but doesn't hurt any more. I'm most happy to 
have found this transformer. Tomarrow night everyone puts garbage out for 
pick up so I might find another MOT. When I put two in series do they have to 
be identical or not? 


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> Mark, 
> I have played around with MOTs. They are very small compared to NST's but 
> they pack a whalloping punch. I have run one MOT unballasted for about 
> 10sec. before it tripped a 15A breaker. I was running it on a JL. It pitted 
> the coat hanger leads very badly on the fist two runs. On the third run the 
> arc got stuck and melted the led in half.(each time i wanted to make a run 
> with it I had to reset the breaker. I recommend to build a control box that 
> has all sorts of switches and breakers in it. Put in breakers that are 
> rated 
> 5A below the mains breakers so  you don't have to fumble around in the dark 
> for the mains. This way it trips the box and not the mains, did I confuse 
> you yet?)] 
> My $.02 
> Matt Shayka 
> Geek#1127 G-1