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Calling all small motors!

Original poster: "acmnovak by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <acmnovak-at-email.msn-dot-com>

Hello All,
I've got a couple of coils on ebay in the next couple weeks and I need a new
motor for the SRSG. If anyone has a small motor they could part with for
cheap, I'd appreciate it greatly and feel inclined to help you out with
something as well. The motor I planned on using was 1/20HP, but it couldn't
lock into sync with the 6" lexan disk I'm using. A 1/15HP motor is about
perfect. It takes about 2 seconds to lock. I would prefer something around
3600 RPM. I'm not asking for a moded one or anything, I do that on an almost
daily basis, so it's no big deal.
FYI- The coils will be on ebay within the next couple of weeks as a pair.
They are almost completely identical. It should also be noted that these
will be my last tesla coils. I'm just getting sick of all the little
"surprises" in constructing these things. Now I understand why people ask
for so much when selling coils : (
When it all boils down, it's really not worth it. I spent hundreds of
dollars and hundreds of hours on these coils. But then again, I'd rather
take a long time and do a quality job I can be proud of than do a mediocre
job and try to cover my hide.
Lesson: Tesla Coils are not the most profitable business venture one could
Thanks in advance for those who respond!

-Mike Novak