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Re: A few questions

Original poster: "Luc by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <ludev-at-videotron.ca>

Hi all,

I don't remember the name or the link, but I remember a photo of
a young guy with a top hat he have a 3 coils arrangement the coil
were drive by transmission line and use inverted wok for top load.

May be some of you remember this photo.


Luc Benard 

Tesla list wrote:
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> > Original poster: "Jason Johnson by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>"
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> >
> > Well I've had a few questions in the back of my mind for a few days now so
> > here
> > goes:
> >
> > 1. I have two nice 0-75 amp AC ammeters with 5 amp full scale movement.
> > Thus I
> > need 75-5 (15-1) current transformers. I also have two 150-5 (30-1), but no
> > 75-5 current transformers. Since my CTs are twice the size I need can I
> > wind two turns in the winding window on the CT? I'm assuming that this is
> > how
> > you hook them up (they are square shaped with two terminals on top and a 2"
> > hole through the middle) and that they only normally have the hot line
> > passing
> > through the middle.
> >
> > 2. Could a three phase transformer be run from a single phase to three
> > converter for motors like the one here
> > <http://www.metalwebnews-dot-com/howto/ph-conv/ph-conv.html>http://www.metalweb
> > news-dot-com/howto/ph-conv/ph-conv.html
> >
> > 3. What would a "tripolar" tesla coil look like (like a bipolar but three
> > coils
> > run on three phase) i.e. spark behavior, appearance?
> >
> > Jason Johnson
> Hi Jason, All!
>         Tripolar coils have been proposed numerous times in the past.
> Theoretically, at any one time there could be arcs between any two of the
> three coils, but they would be somewhat smaller than those produced by a
> bipolar coil. The tripolar coils has been a darling of some UFOlogists and
> other fringe experimenters, but  to my knowledge no one has succeeded in
> building an effective one. Of interest, (IMO) might be a "triple bipolar
> coil". This would be a circle of six, with voltage peaking at the
> diametrically opposed pairs of coils in rotation. If the ionized air and
> plasma in the center did not have time to dissipate, (perhaps inside a large
> globe) the results MIGHT be interesting. Toploads would have to be smaller or
> of unusual shapes so that they were not closer to each other than to the
> center. Such a system would require a fairly large lab area (hear that
> Chris?!) To my knowledge, no one has successfully done this yet either.
> Just some thoughts for the future,
> Matt D.