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Bright gap. Was:RE: spark gap muffler?

Original poster: "Garry Freemyer by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <garry-at-ndfc-dot-com>

Actually, since I started using your sucking gap, it lights the room up like
daylight and I can no longer get pictures of the coil without getting the

Am I complaining? Nooooo!! Maybe I'll just make a backdrop. ;-)

I think we need to call your gaps the vacuum gap and the vortex blast gap
depending on the direction the air is going. Sucking gap doesn't sound right
because it sure doesn't suck in the sense of poor performance, rather it
works great!

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Why?  As long as you don't stare at the arc for extended periods,
there's no hazard, and it's likely that a Lexan shield will remove much
of the UV hazard.  For taking photos, I've never needed to cover the
Regards, Gary Lau