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Re: just a strange idea

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>  I think about John Freau's efficiency experiments. I wonder if 50Hz/60Hz is
>  the do all end all. I wonder if it is just a matter of matching the freq. 
>  the end user, AKA the coil. What if one had a power source that would
>  prod8uce 180Hz? Would the efficiency still be related to the power supply?
>  Ideas?
>  later
>  deano


I've looked at the efficiency both from the point of view of the input
power and from the charge on the cap.  This way, I was able to
apportion the efficiency contribution of the charging circut, and of the spark
growth characteristics.  By using equal "cap-watts" (joules x bps)
for both 120 and 240 bps, I still found 120 bps to produce longer
sparks than 240 bps.  If I remember correctly, most of the 
efficiency resulted from the spark growth characteristics at 120
bps, rather than from the losses or other effects in the charging circuit.

John Freau