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Re: Transformers

Original poster: "Shaun Epp by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <scepp-at-mts-dot-net>


I would suggest the scavenge approach :-))    The Neon sign transformer, I'd
check sign making shops..... probably the smaller shops since I've found
them more helpfull  and check the with an ohm meter  unconnected of
course(no power applied).  I check case connection to each HV output, both
side should be the same (tens of Kohms) and twice that value measured from
HV terminal to HV terminal.  This ensures that the windings are not open and
good connection inside.   (note: you may have to tighten the nuts at the end
of each terminal to get a good reading).  An oil burning ignition
transformer (OBIT)  usually put out 10Kv -at- 23mA, close to the same and they
could be obtained from furnace installers.

The 15uF cap would be used for motor start or run circuits,  so any place
that sells or fixes motors   1/2 Hp to a few horse power probably.  If its
for PFC  power factor correction,  you may not need it   but I haven't seen
this web site your refering to.

The variac  1A  is kind of small if it's going to be used with the
transformer.  3 amps would be minimum.  These are available new from
electrical and electronic suppliers  but expensive.  They were used as
output controls on old equipment   (1970 and befor  approax)  If you see a
control with a larger knob on it and turn it, it will feel like there is
lots of stuff moving, kinda heavy   again this is old  no longer used
equipment.  Ham radio flea markets are great and same with surplus sales

Good luck and my the arcs be with you !!!!!!!
Shaun Epp

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>Does anyone know where I can acquire  A 9kV, 30mA (270W) Neon Sign
>Transformer? And a 1A variac with 15uF 60Hz power factor correction ? I am
>trying to recreate Sam Barro's work so I can begin on my own designs.