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Re: Regulated Magnet Wire?

Original poster: "Mark Broker by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <broker-at-uwplatt.edu>

> I searched around the web and FBI/ATF sites for info on this and came up
> with zero.  Maybe ask back at the motor shop where the guy heard this from.
>  Maybe a local politician or something shooting off their mouth over some
> local incident or something.  There does not seem to be any fact behind it.
>  I would guess that there was some off-the-cuff comment or editorial in
> some trade magazine somewhere...  I could call the ATF but I hate to give
> them a reason to laugh at "my" stupidity :-)) 

Another urban legend, is my feeling.

> Of course, this "regulation" would fail miserably not only in being
> impossible, but making the politicians look stupid (we all know how
> difficult that is :-))...  Reminds me when they wanted to ban electronic
> solder or pass a law that pi = 3.000... :-))) 

2.9, actually.  In a case down south, a tire or automobile company was sued
because (I think - hazy memory) they were caught speeding, despite the
speedometer reading approximately the speed limit.  The defense was that if you
let pi=2.9, then he was going the correct speed, or something like that.  pi ~
3.141592654 ~ 2.9.  The auto company won, of course, since most "lay" people
are mathematically ignorant....   (someone who knows the equation for pi as the
sum of 3 arctangents PLEASE email me offlist - I can't remember it, and it's
killing me!)

One of my physics profs has pi written out to 1000 digits (using Mathematica),
with "Which is roughly 2.9" hand written below.  This was his story.

> Bombs can be made out of everything, so restricting everything is a
> solution :-)) 

I remember arguing with Chris over this matter about a year ago when he was
planning Avalon..... remember that one, Chris?  ;-)

Mark Broker
G-5 Geek #19 (or something like that)