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Re: Regulated Magnet Wire?

Original poster: "Matt Segal by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <segal3-at-linkline-dot-com>

I don't think they would be able to pass any regulations on this. If someone
was TRULY desperate to obtain magnet wire (why magnet wire?) to build a bomb
that they just HAD to build, all they would really need to do is obtain a
motor. So now we outlaw motors? People kill each other with guns, and yet
they are not outlawed, a little harder to get than magnet wire I agree, but
still easily obtainable. People can go on road rages with cars and cause
major accidents, but more and more cars are purchased each year. I do not
think that there will be any type of regulation that will pass to stop the
distribution of magnet wire, but then again, why not stock up? Anybody
looking to do a bulk buy? :-)

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> Original poster: "Garry Freemyer by way of Terry Fritz
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> I suppose one could register as a consumer of wire, but I wouldn't be
> surprised to see some beurocrat using this to outlaw tesla coils by
> extension.
> The whole idea is so absurd. They need to bring back the rack where people
> who did such things were subject to public humilation. To make a bomb
> be something to be ashamed about, not something to gain one fame in the
> of infamy.
> Looks like I built my TC just in time. Hopefully, they won't expect us to
> turn in our old wire or tesla coils.