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3 in a WEEK!

Original poster: "Christopher Boden by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <chrisboden-at-hotmail-dot-com>

This week we are launching 3 seperate projects, a record for the Group, and 
ALL of them HV related :)

The Gemini Project:

A dual 23x100" Bipolar Tesla Coil to be run from our 10kVA Pig (for 
now....anyone wanna donate a 25kVA Pig?). I called CD today about the caps 
for the mammoth MMC for this beast. We picked up several new sponsors today 
including a motor shop (wait till you hear about this below) who is donating 
a spool or 2 of 12AWG (AND AN O SCOPE! YIPPIE). We have a GIANT laundry 
(they do all the linens for the local hospitals) donating 8 perfect, plastic 
(HDPE I think) 55 gal drums (btw, Chuck, who we are modeling the secondary 
design for Gemini from, got HIS drums from a laundry, lol). They are also 
donating Lab coats for the staff :)

The giant paper-mill across the street (they make all the packageing fro 
Coors btw) is making noises about donating our phase-1 funding, we're 
shooting for $20k (when I mentioned $5k he said "We spill that much", lol) 
and they also have a VERY serious security system that managed to catch last 
weeks lightning strike to the VSL on tape. I'm getting a copy tomorrow and 
I'll see is I can post it soon, should be cool. It blew the meter off the 
wall :).

We also learned that they generate a LARGE portion of their own electricity 
(from waste steam) as well as all their own steam heat. I'm going to 
approach them about putting us into their heat network (since we're right 
across teh street, it's not too big a job, the plant covers about 10 city 
blocks, one more isn't a big deal).

LOT'S of big corporate support there.....fun

The Groucho Project:
Our first attempt at a Marx bank. Construction is set to begin this week. 
Materials scroungeing is well underway.

The Thumper Project:
Our first attempt at a large capacitor discharge array. 250 CD 'lytics, each 
at 450V and 1500uF (may be 2k, I haven't looked in a while). This is gonna 
be BIG fun :) Quarter shrinking and such. I'm hoping to be able to explode 
wires too :)

I need some BIG MANLY PULSE CAPS, like some nice 300 pounders.

New thing on Magnet wire. It's about to become a SERIOUS pain to get. I'll 
have all the details tomorrow, but the owner of the shop (a very cool guy) 
said it's about to be regulated to some degree becasue some idiot kid made a 
bomb run with it. This is happeneing in a few places (I heard mention about 
this a week ago at another shop but was too busy drooling to really pay 

Appearantly it's being used becasue it's thin and easy to hide or 
something...makes little sence to me. Then again, if I wanna blow something 
up I can think of MUCH better ways than magnet wire.

Astrolite-G comes to mind....

With all the new projects coming online, (and our healthy stock of existing 
ones) now is a GREAT time to think about joining the Group. We're shooting 
for 3000 Members by 2005, and I'd like to hit 750 by this years end. We're 
gonna have use for a LOT of help now :)

Come and play.

Have fun!


Christopher A. Boden Geek#1
President / C.E.O. / Alpha Geek
The Geek Group
Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!

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