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Re: what happens if i use a marx cap arrangement on a TC?

Original poster: "Luc by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <ludev-at-videotron.ca>

Hi Jim, all

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "Jim Lux by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>"
> >
> > I have to agree with duck. I went to that museum in Germany (the name
> > escapes me) where they have that huge marx generator.
> Deutsches Museum, Munich....  They also have a very impressive Jacob's
> Ladder (60 kV -at- 2 Amps, as I recall.. 120 kW will definitely make the lights
> dim..)
>  (http://www.deutsches-museum.de/mum/video/e_vid03.htm)
>  The idea of using
> > something like that without prior experience makes me frightened and also
> > makes me feel the ned to change my pants! If you get it working though
> post
> > some pics!!!!
> >
> > Have fun but be careful!!!
> > Jason
> I might also mention that a Marx bank will generate pulses that will
> definitely cook electronic equipment.  It is MUCH nastier than a TC in my
> experience.  Nothing like very fast HV High current pulses with long ground
> paths to EMP stuff into oblivion.

I don't think the pulse will be different that the one from a
regular TC. The way I see it is ; you have a bank of cap a spark
gap and a primary in seri, often we use multi gap like in RQ gap
If we use 4 stage of cap .08 uF 3KV when they discharge in seri
it's the same thing than  one cap of .02 uF 12 KV with this
arrangement we use 4 gaps, on RQ gap often we use 6 to 8 gaps.
When you charge them your supply see a cap of .32 uF, if you take
a single MOT to charge them: .32 uf at 2.5 KV = 1 Joule, I think
the MOT have enough power to charge it. If you have 4 gap at .1"
it's the same thing than one gap at .4" this circuit is a seri
circuit and from what I know the order of elements in a seri
circuit can change whit out difference in the result. 

The problem is to find the best value of the resistance or
inductor for connecting the stage of cap.

If I have a miss conception about it please correct me.


Luc Benard