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Re: MMC...LTR again!!!

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>

Hi Jonathon,

I am assuming a "static" spark gap and a 60Hz AC NST, you can refer to the
chart at:


and double the capacitances and such for a 60mA instead of a 30mA NST.  If you
are using a rotary gap then things are different and larger values are called
for (33.3nF).

You look on the chart for 120 BPS operation (which is the best break rate of
LTR operation) and see that it occures with a capacitance value of 9nF which
doubles to 18nF which is how I got the number I gave you.  So that's where my
number came from :-))

You can certanly tap the strings as you suggest to get different values.  2 x
11 of 0.1uF is just right.

The insulation on the 12 guage wire may easily melt or blow through if there is
a grounded object near the wire.  It glows bright blue, gets hot, and blamo!
=:-O  Either simply keep it away from other conductors (air insulation) or
cover it with some plastic tubing from the hardware store.

Hope that helps.



At 04:53 PM 5/20/2001 -0400, you wrote: 
> Hello again, 
> I've heard many different opinions on LTR for a 12/60 
> Terry told me ~17-19nF 
> Chris told me ~33nF 
> Others say ~25nF 
> how about this: 
> 2 strings, of 11 of the .1uF's. There i could get 18nF, 20nF, or 22nF by 
> picking how many caps are in each string (you can do that right? :-|) 
> also, on the topic of HV wire, can I use some 12 guage I picked up? It says 
> 600V on it, but most do. Any other suggestions for that? 
> --------------------------------------- 
> Jonathon Reinhart 
> hometown.aol-dot-com/kidd6488/tesla