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Re: The finger of God.

Original poster: "Dr. Duncan Cadd by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <dunckx-at-freeuk-dot-com>

Hi Chris, All!

Hmmm, bizarre!

>hmmmm ok...we're running 12/180 with 6 strings of the .1 caps, 9 caps
>string......with the pig at notch 4 it draws 20A and the MMCs will
trip a
>20A breaker in time......ok...if we use notch-4 and hook up the pig
>should work.

You mean with nothing changed on the coil except the power supply it
doesn't work?!  Ow!!!!!

If you used the exact same setup as with your NST farm but simply put
the pig on it I can't imagine why anything should change (but then
I've never run a pig system, though can't imagine tuning is so greatly
altered simply by swapping one for a bank of NSTs or vice-versa.)

I can't quite bring myself to believe that something in the pig is
shunting the rf to earth (how?!!) but sticking a couple of rf chokes
in the HT leads would soon knock that hypothesis firmly on the head.
That at least would be something fairly quick, cheap and easy to try
(and probably quite pointless, but who knows?  You may be desperate
enough to try anything ;-)

>This went on for over 2 hours, with everything from notch 1 to 4, and
up to
>10 strings of caps.
>I can get it to tune, meaning at turn 3 it makes little, wus sparks
about 5"
>long that I wouldn't be scared to put my tongue on they're so faint.
1 turn
>either way and nothing at all. The gap fires beautifully....just no

*That* sounds rather as if it's operating at a harmonic.  Either the
primary is operating at too low a frequency and the secondary is
picking up one of the harmonics, or the primary is operating at too
high a frequency and stimulating one of the secondary higher modes.

When you get the chance, take the NST farm off again, stick the pig
back on leaving the same tuning and gap settings as for the NST farm
with the 48 inch sparks and try with rf chokes (say 20mH or so -
perhaps a couple of "spare" secondaries if you don't have rf chokes to
hand?) in the HT leads from the pig.  I can well understand you
pulling your hair out over this one . . .

Anyone else?

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